Painting stars – satellite painting pt.2

For the background of the satellite painting I’m ready to paint stars. First I’ll start by painting stars plus the glow around them with titanium white. In a later stage I go over the stars with a layer of pure colour. This way you get the stars as clear as possible. In the picture below I did that with still the grain, yellow ochre light (yellow tones) and kraplak (red). ┬áSome nebula’s are painted the same way to intensify the colours.


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Friesian Horse pt. 6

I have been working on the Friesian Horse again! Gave the background a lighter colour so the black horse stands out more. For the eye I needed multiple references. I literally painted 7 hours (!) straight to paint the whole background because it’s such a large painting..

I have painted the eye several times, but the horse turned out to look too friendly eyed, which was not my goal. I wanted to go for a wild/fierce looking horse. Now he just looks sad.. I failed this time.. It’s hard to find such reference material. Maybe horses are friendly eyed all the time :). They certainly are for us, humans. So the eye needs some work, but first I need to find the right reference material.
To be continued…


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Portrait pt2. skin colours

Yes he’s got eyes! (and really weird hair). Just the first layer, so don’t worry. Next is the second layer: skintones.

skin colours

Skin colours – The right tones

For creating the skin colour I used a mix of the following colours:

  • Titanium white
  • Naples yellow
  • Cobalt blue
  • Cereleum blue
  • Red ochre
  • Kraplak
  • Cadmium red
  • Light ochre
  • Umber
  • Burnt sienna

I use 3 types of skin tones: light, middle and dark. Later on I will ad an extra tone: a much darker skin tone to create more depth.

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