painting like old masters

Teach yourself to paint just like the old masters

If you wonder how I paint or how you can improve your painting skills then this book is a must-read. It’s a book written by my art-teacher Edgar de Cruijer. Thanks to this book and his classes I’m able to paint with the techniques of the old masters. If you want to follow painting classes be sure to view his website: or his own website edgardecruijer.


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Bought a new sketchbook at Ikea! It’s from the stunsig limited edition collection and designed by Frédérique Vernillet, a France-based illustrator with an ultra-realistic drawing style. I absolutely love the design. There is so much to see but it appears very tranquil. It’s carefully designed and well detailed. Love the expression of the wolves. They look so fierce.


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4 ways to dry oil paintings faster

Damn I’ve painted a masterpiece but it won’t dry! And I have a deadline! How can I speed up the drying time of my oil painting?

First of all, accept the fact the painting won’t dry within two days. Normally it will take a couple of weeks for layers of paint to dry. Oil paint will take a full year to completely dry. Oil paint is loved by fact it doesn’t dry as fast as most paints. This means you can paint wet on wet. If you want to paint fast, paint with water based paints, like acrylics.


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Rembrandt versus Van Gogh

For studies I use Van Gogh paint. For bigger projects I choose Rembrandt. But why?

First of all: Van Gogh paint contains more chalk and other substances like clay. Paint tubes of Rembrandt contain more pigment and the colours are purer. The purer the paint, the more durable the colours are. So if you are making a huge painting which takes you years to create, you definitely want it to last more than 100 years wouldn’t you?

Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Old Holland, Winsor & Newton, Reeves, Schmincke and many more

The purer the paint de more expensive the paint. So just image the wide arrange of paint brands we have to choose from.

100% pure colours don’t exist

Colours which contain a lot of different substances (cheaper paint) can create (when mixed with other colours) a chemical reaction. Which over time can cause fading colours. The purer the paint, the better. 100% pure colours don’t exist. The brand Old Holland still produces all its classic oil paints according to traditional formulas (the durability of which has been demonstrated over the course of time), supplemented by the latest contemporary insights.

Which brand is your favourite?

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