Time to finish unfinished work

Do you know the feeling of work you’d like to finish but never do? Full of ideas but short on time or a lack of discipline? We’ll that’s my problem with a few of my paintings. But now that I’ve found my peace and don’t have to work every weekend ;) I think it’s time for this one!

I’d like to add more depth, work on the mouth and eyes (give him some whiskers) and I want to give the fur an upgrade. Hope I don’t ruin it..



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James Ruby’s dogs

People who know me know I’m absolutely fond of dogs. A few weeks ago I stumbled  upon an artist who makes incredible dog portraits! What I like most is the way the dogs are portrayed. They all look like their true selves: Happy, curious, goofy, innocent.. ohh dogs are the purest souls I’ve ever met! I would love to try and paint my dog Nelson. Wish I had a dog that could sit still for a moment or two ;)

Please check out the artwork of James Ruby!


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Rembrandt versus Van Gogh

For studies I use Van Gogh paint. For bigger projects I choose Rembrandt. But why?

First of all: Van Gogh paint contains more chalk and other substances like clay. Paint tubes of Rembrandt contain more pigment and the colours are purer. The purer the paint, the more durable the colours are. So if you are making a huge painting which takes you years to create, you definitely want it to last more than 100 years wouldn’t you?

Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Old Holland, Winsor & Newton, Reeves, Schmincke and many more

The purer the paint de more expensive the paint. So just image the wide arrange of paint brands we have to choose from.

100% pure colours don’t exist

Colours which contain a lot of different substances (cheaper paint) can create (when mixed with other colours) a chemical reaction. Which over time can cause fading colours. The purer the paint, the better. 100% pure colours don’t exist. The brand Old Holland still produces all its classic oil paints according to traditional formulas (the durability of which has been demonstrated over the course of time), supplemented by the latest contemporary insights.

Which brand is your favourite?

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